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Quincy - Special Reserve Pomade 150ml



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Limited edition Special Reserve Pomade which features new vintage artwork as a tribute to the glamor of the 1920s Art Deco.

The tin is bigger at 150ml and the product has a specially curated scent which can be described as a vintage spice cologne. Inside the tin, is a mysterious midnight dark grey colored product, matching the black and gold art work on the tin.

Absolutely breathtaking! Possibly the best smelling one out there. Period.


  1. Water soluble
  2. Heavy-weight formula
  3. Vintage cologne scent (slightly woody, fresh and spicy)
  4. Contains top grade essential oils, avocado, jojoba oil
  5. Medium Shine - Strong hold -
  6. Able to restyle
  7. Does not flake or dry out
  8. Non greasy formula
  9. Handles heat and humidity well -
  10. Styles pompadours, slickbacks and even mohawks with ease


  1. Take a 10 cent coin amount of product, spread in palms to soften
  2. Apply directly onto hair and spread evenly to coat the hair, working from the back of your head to the front

Optional: Run a wide tooth comb or brush to quickly spread the product more evenly - Add more product if required - Using fingers or narrow tooth comb, style to desired shape