Rage Against The Machine - The Battle Of Los Angeles [LP]


Tracklist: 1. Testify  2. Guerrilla Radio  3. Calm Like A Bomb4. Mic Check 5. Sleep Now In The Fire 6. Born Of A Broken Man 7. Born As Ghosts  8. Maria   9. Voice Of The Voiceless  10. New Millennium...



1. Testify  
2. Guerrilla Radio  
3. Calm Like A Bomb
4. Mic Check 
5. Sleep Now In The Fire 
6. Born Of A Broken Man 
7. Born As Ghosts  
8. Maria   
9. Voice Of The Voiceless  
10. New Millennium Homes   
11.Ashes In The Fall   
12. War Within A Breath

At this point in history we look back at the music of the late 90's and early 00's skeptically, and with good reason, this was the era that brought us N Sync, Britney Spears, and Limp Bizkit, but it even during this time of frothy excess there were standouts, and none more so than The Battle of Los Angeles by Rage Against the Machine. This is the crowning achievement of RATM, and you should be listening. Not only was this album amazingly powerful lyrically (which we expect from RATM), but sonically it beat on you like the swat team beating down a the front door. The album closed out a the decade on a high note with rock music that truly transcends the monikers placed on RATM i.e. Nu Metal or Rap Rock.

Whether you're a fan of only the music, like Paul Ryan, or are a hardcore fan due not only to the greatness of the musicians but the heavy undertones of the lyrics, this band of artists is not to be missed. This album is just another example in a line of greatness for these talented individuals. And bless Tom Morello for putting into awesome perspective the hypocrisy of one sad individual, Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan, for loving the riffs but not paying one ounce of attention to the real message of this bands' music. Ryan has just proven again of how far-off politicians are from the heartbeat of America. Of course, you'd have to go far away from Fox News to have seen anything of Morello's response to Ryan's total ignorance, but one sided reporting by the clueless worshipers of anything elephantine working at that "news" network is nothing new.