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Ratatat - Classics [LP]


Tracklist: A1 Montanita 5:00A2 Lex 4:29A3 Gettysburg 5:27A4 Wildcat 4:13A5 Tropicana 4:36B1 Loud Pipes 3:46B2 Kennedy 3:34B3 Swisha 3:50B4 Nostrand 3:03B5 Tacobel Canon 4:26 If the 80s didn't permanently turn you...



A1 Montanita 5:00
A2 Lex 4:29
A3 Gettysburg 5:27
A4 Wildcat 4:13
A5 Tropicana 4:36
B1 Loud Pipes 3:46
B2 Kennedy 3:34
B3 Swisha 3:50
B4 Nostrand 3:03
B5 Tacobel Canon 4:26

If the 80s didn't permanently turn you off to synthesizers, the electronic sounds of Ratatat contain identifiable melodies that are often evocative and sometimes quite pretty. Tracks are not noisy, mind-numbing, or endlessly repetitive as some electronic music can be. Nostrand in particular has a gorgeous progression from sweet and nostalgic to intense. There are no vocals (unless you count the growling feline in Wildcat) which makes Ratatat great background music while you're working. It has enough energy to keep you alert, and there are a few peppy tracks that I admit I love to crank up in the car. The album, as you'd expect from the title, features many of Ratatat's best tracks and is a great introduction to the group.

If you love French duos like Daft Punk or Air, you'd love Ratatat. Serious.