R.E.M - MTV Unplugged 1991 [2LP]


Tracklist:A1 All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star) 4:27A2 Electrolite 4:05A3 At My Most Beautiful 3:25A4 Daysleeper 3:12B1 So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) 4:06B2 Losing My Religion 4:43B3...



A1 All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star) 4:27
A2 Electrolite 4:05
A3 At My Most Beautiful 3:25
A4 Daysleeper 3:12
B1 So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) 4:06
B2 Losing My Religion 4:43
B3 Country Feedback 5:26
B4 Cuyahoga 4:30

C1 Imitation Of Life 4:12
C2 Find The River 3:59
C3 The One I LOve 3:33
C4 Disappear 4:00
D1 Beat A Drum 4:27
D2 I've Been High 3:20
D3 I'll Take The Rain 5:36
D4 Sad Professor 4:29

Mightily pleased when Rhino decided to release more copies into the mainstream , this is REM at their peak in both musical and popularity stakes. REM are always one of those bands that bring something more to the table. The original 1991 sessions were a new format at that time and one that seems to have caught the imagination of REM as a band and added another dimension to their sound . From a four piece rock band to one that's using bongo's , having near acapella songs to their library and the introduction of the Ukelele. There is a varied and novel aspects to how REM set about and deliver an interpretation of their songs. The set is one made up of all those songs that capture REM's career up to that date , you can't help but sit back and enjoy the uniqueness of these sessions. This is not one where the band just slow down a song and then claim it to be an interpretation .

Rolling Stone's Will Hermes gave the album four out of five stars remarking, "No band but Nirvana made more breathtakingly transformative use of MTV Unplugged than R.E.M."