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Santana - Shango [LP]


Tracklist: 1. The Nile 2. Hold On  3. Night Hunting Time  4. Nowhere to Run  5. Nueva York (Instrumental) 6. Oxun (Oshun)  7. Body Surfing  8. What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) 9. Let Me Inside 10. Warrior...



1. The Nile 
2. Hold On  
3. Night Hunting Time  
4. Nowhere to Run  
5. Nueva York (Instrumental) 
6. Oxun (Oshun)  
7. Body Surfing  
8. What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) 
9. Let Me Inside 
10. Warrior (Instrumental) 
11. Shango (Instrumental) 

Carlos plays with unabashed fire...along with Alex Ligertwood's soulful heartfelt vocals, this release albeit a bit on the commercial side for Santana is a must own, awesome, catch album wih great melodies and style.

This album has a "pop" feel to it, but to listen once again to Hold On and be transported back to younger days. Days that were filled with the sounds of post disco, does anyone ever really admit to having owned a Knack album?
Shango, captures an era perfectly. To listen to this album now is like literally stepping back in time.

We highly recommend Shango if you are of the 80's generation and you can remember the shot of the rocket on MTV, and you are a little nostalgic for your glory days, then by all means indulge.

For the newer fan, this isn't Carlos Santana's greatest album by any means, but for a trip back through time to hear the sounds and get a feel for another generation's gift from Santana, then yes by all means explore this album.