A1 It's Far Better To Learn 
A2 Sleepers 
A3 It's So Simple 
A4 Voices 
A5 Finding Home 
A6 Follow And Feel B1 Come Close

B2 I Never Wanted To 
B3 Collapse 
B4 You're Not Alone 
B5 Bury Your Head 
B6 Some Sense Of Security

Saosin is the debut album by post-hardcore band Saosin. The album was influenced by Finch's What It Is to Burn (2002). A limited edition version of the album was also released and included a behind the scenes look into the making of the album as well as music videos of "Bury Your Head" (Saosin EP version) and "Lost Symphonies" (a song first included on the 2003 Translating the Name EP). The album has currently sold an estimated 800,000 copies worldwide.