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Saves The Day - Stay What You Are [LP]


Tracklist:A1 At Your Funeral A2 See You A3 Cars And Calories A4 Certain Tragedy A5 Jukebox A6 Freakish B1 Your Ghost Takes Flight B2 Nightengale B3 All I'm Losing Is Me B4 Not An Exit B5 Firefly The album opens slowly...



A1 At Your Funeral 
A2 See You 
A3 Cars And Calories 
A4 Certain Tragedy 
A5 Jukebox 
A6 Freakish 
B1 Your Ghost Takes Flight 
B2 Nightengale 
B3 All I'm Losing Is Me 
B4 Not An Exit 
B5 Firefly

The album opens slowly with "At Your Funeral." A minute into the song the band just starts rocking out; filling you with energy and preparing you for the rest of the album. While this album is an emo classic, it's subject matter tends to stray away from the typical "the-girl-left-me-i'm-such-a-worthless-looser" type lyrics you hear on other emo albums.

Yes, relationships are talked about on this album, but along with that are songs about depression, death, and anorexia. SWYA shows how much the band has matured since, "Through Being Cool," their previous, and in my opinion, better album. However, not only is this album more mature, but it's sound is more polished than on TBC.
Every song on this CD is catchy and well written. Another great quality that this album possesses is the fact that you can listen to it any time of day in whatever mood your in. I disagree with those that say that STD sold out on this album. While it does have a poppier, more radio-friendly sound than their previous efforts, it proves to us that STD isn't afraid to expirament with their sound, which I believe is a quality that all bands should possess.