Saves The Day - Through Being Cool [LP]




A1 All-Star Me 1:43
A2 You Vandal 2:28
A3 Shoulder To The Wheel 3:19
A4 Rocks Tonic Juice Magic 3:27
A5 Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots 2:37
A6 Third Engine 3:40
B1 My Sweet Fracture 3:52
B2 The Vast Spoils Of America (From The Badlands Through The Ocean) 3:08
B3 The Last Lie I Told 2:23
B4 Do You Know What I Love The Most? 1:34
B5 Through Being Cool 2:04
B6 Banned From The Back Porch 2:59

This album is a true representation of what the word emo and punk should mean. Those words are consistently thrown around to any band whose singer/songwriter has been dumped once or twice by his girlfriend. To me pissing and moaning doesn't exactly turn into melodic gold. In a genre filled with a new band each week sounding like the band you just heard last week these guys and a few others make it worth listening to. I bought this album a few years ago after buying Stay What You Are. I couldn't imagine a better album, but I was treated to a fury of 35 minutes of some of the best music I had ever listened to. The riffs aren't wholly original but work just the same.

The lyrics and the way Chris sings them are what makes this album a treat. Lyrics such as Let me take this awkward saw/ run it against your thighs/ cut some flesh away, I'll carry this piece of you with me had me floored. For anyone who likes the emo genre and wants to hear a band that doesn't sound like all the rest, mostly because most try to sound like them.

Give this album a try and stop wasting your time on bands that don't put the effort in you deserve.