Shango Dance Band - Shango Dance Band [LP]




A1 Position Pass Power 15:37

B1 Women Are Great 10:21
B2 I Need Your Love 5:52

Bonus 7
A Son Of Thunder 6:26
B Alupandu-Gbe 6:30

During military service with the Nigerian military in 1978, former Fela Kuti collaborators Ojo Okeji and Abayomi Easy Adio decided to form a new band. Featuring other musicians recruited from within the ranks of the 6th Infantry Brigade of the Nigerian Army, the Shango Dance Band recorded an eponymous debut album that was only ever available to other military personnel. Here, it gets a first worldwide reissue. Similar in ethos to the Afrobeat sound the duo had helped Fela develop - but with extra layers of guitar, percussion, and gravel-throated U.S soul style vocals - Shango Dance Band is as potent and funky as anything released in Nigeria during the period. Thanks to the excellent Comb & Razor Sound, it's no longer a hidden classic.