She & Him - Volume Two [LP]




A1 Thieves 4:08
A2 In The Sun 2:51
A3 Don't Look Back 3:23
A4 Ridin' In My Car 3:15
A5 Lingering Still 3:02
A6 Me And You 3:20
A7 Gonna Get Along Without You Now 2:32
B1 Home 4:41
B2 I'm Gonna Make It Better 3:32
B3 Sing 3:14
B4 Over It Over Again 3:30
B5 Brand New Shoes 3:05
B6 If You Can't Sleep 2:49

Volume Two stars our same beloved team, actress Zooey Deschanel and acoustic guitar virtuoso M. Ward.-- Only this time, they're accompanied by a newfound sense of critical anticipation and expectation. Volume One, the duo's debut release, was the 2008 indie favorite, and only two years later, the they're back in the game with thirteen new tracks.

The album definitely has a familiar vibe; somewhere between Beach Boys and Beatles territory, leaving room only for Deschanel's charming vocal prowess and M. Ward's endlessly creative musical understanding. First single In the Sun is a respectable starting point for a new listener-- Simple and catchy in tune, and quirky and cute in lyric. The two also tackle a few classic covers (NRBQ's Ridin' in My Car and Skeeter Davis's Gonna Get Along Without You Now), and these are wonderful renditions that a new set of ears would find appealing.

Other original, Deschanel-penned tunes stand out as well; the sunny, schoolgirl-esque Lingering Still, the heartbreakingly intimate Thieves, and the melodically and lyrically clever Brand New Shoes. In comparison to Volume One material, these songs aren't revolutionary, but they are still very strong tunes that benefit from repeat listens.

With the weather getting warmer and car tops going down, She & Him provide a perfect soundtrack for spring and the rapidly approaching heat waves of summer. In these tough economic times there's nothing wrong with finding the simpler pleasures in life and enjoying them. Add She & Him to your list of inexpensive yet effective ways to put a smile on your face.