Silverchair - Diorama [LP]


Tracklist: A1 Across The Night 5:37A2 The Greatest View 4:05A3 Without You 5:17A4 World Upon Your Shoulders 4:37A5 One Way Mule 4:14B1 Tuna In The Brine 5:40B2 Too Much Of Not...



A1 Across The Night 5:37
A2 The Greatest View 4:05
A3 Without You 5:17
A4 World Upon Your Shoulders 4:37
A5 One Way Mule 4:14
B1 Tuna In The Brine 5:40
B2 Too Much Of Not Enough 4:42
B3 Luv Your Life 4:29
B4 The Lever 4:22
B5 My Favourite Thing 4:14
B6 After All These Years 5:28

Silverchair evolved so much we find Diorama, their fourth album, to be a lil bit overwhelming. Another factor that made this album so deserving is that the members of the band barely in their 20s. We are still trying to do the math here but we'd rather sink into this heavyweight album some considered life-changing.