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Silverchair - Frogstomp (20th Anniversary) [2LP]




A1 Israel's Son 5:18
A2 Tomorrow 4:26
A3 Faultline 4:19
A4 Pure Massacre 4:58
B1 Shade 4:02
B2 Blind 4:50
B3 Leave Me Out 3:03
B4 Suicidal Dream 3:12
C1 Madman 2:43
C2 Undecided 4:36
C3 Cicada 5:10
C4 Findaway 2:56

When hard rock band Silverchair released their debut album "FrogStomp," they were barely in their mid-teens. All the hype surrounding this album was about how they ripped off Nirvana; they were as original as fake leather, and a bunch of other nonsense. The fact is, they played and wrote a great record with "Frogstomp."

When this album was released in 1995, grunge was all the rage, and the best way to hit the big time was jumping on the grunge bandwagon. Bands like Bush and Live made their careers on it, and Silverchair followed suit. The grunge influence made this an amazing album for a bunch of teenagers; actually it would be great for adults, it's got that good throughout. Best cuts from the album are "Israel's Son," "Shade," "Pure Massacre," and of course everyone's favorite "Tomorrow."

On the slim chance that you've never heard "Tomorrow" or anything else from this album, you better check this out quick! There's no way a hard rock fan wouldn't dig this album.