Silversun Pickups - Carnavas [2LP]


Tracklist: 1A1 Melatonin 4:041A2 Well Thought Out Twinkles 4:021A3 Checkered Floor 4:511A4 Little Lover's So Polite 4:581B1 Future Foe Scenarios 5:201B2 Waste It On 4:131B3 Lazy Eye 5:542A1 Rusted Wheel 6:002A2...

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1A1 Melatonin 4:04
1A2 Well Thought Out Twinkles 4:02
1A3 Checkered Floor 4:51
1A4 Little Lover's So Polite 4:58
1B1 Future Foe Scenarios 5:20
1B2 Waste It On 4:13
1B3 Lazy Eye 5:54

2A1 Rusted Wheel 6:00
2A2 Dream At Tempo 119 4:52
2B1 Three Seed 5:40
2B2 Common Reactor 6:01
3A Mercury 5:38
3B Table Scraps 6:18

Silversun Pickups get a lot of Corganishishness thrown their way for the sake of vocal inflection, but on their debut Carnavas, they've pinned down that elusive "love in neutral" tone that only bands like My Bloody Valentine have managed in the past, and spitshined it with a melodic Guided by Voices sheen, yielding white noise-pop that sparkles from the glint of all the fuzzy edges.

Carnavas is again a great Silversun Pickups album. A great mix of distortion, harmonies, and spacey-guitar noodling, these 11 tracks are really solid. This early release didn't quite open doors for the band in the way that Swoon or Neck Of The Woods would later, but the music here is well-crafted and engaging.

Like the best times in life, it's sweet, it's dangerous - and you won't want it to go away. A keeper.