The Smashing Pumpkins - Chicago Tapes And Unreleased Demos [LP]


Tracklist Side AA1 Jennifer Ever A2 East A3 Nothing And Everything A4 Sun Side BB1 Spiteface B2 She B3 I Am One B4 Bury Me B5 Day Dream Side CC1 Bullet With Butterfly Wings C2 Jupiter's Lament C3 Lily C4 Stumbleine C5...



Side A
A1 Jennifer Ever 
A2 East 
A3 Nothing And Everything 
A4 Sun

Side B
B1 Spiteface 
B2 She 
B3 I Am One 
B4 Bury Me 
B5 Day Dream

Side C
C1 Bullet With Butterfly Wings 
C2 Jupiter's Lament 
C3 Lily 
C4 Stumbleine 
C5 To Forgive 
C6 Blank

Side D
D1 Galapogos 
D2 Here Is No Way 
D3 Ugly 
D4 Rotten Apples 
D5 Thirty-Three 
D6 Wishing You Were

The Chicago Tapes are the very first recordings by the Smashing Pumpkins, that were sold at shows on cassette in the early days, and were never re-recorded nor re-released in their entirety. (Soundstagedirect)