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The Smashing Pumpkins - Live At Del Mar Fairgrounds: Bing Crosby Hall, October 26th, 1993 FM Broadcast [2LP]


Tracklist: A1 Geek U.S.A. A2 Rocket A3 Today A4 Disarm B1 Bury Me B2 Drown B3 Hummer C1 Soma C2 Siva C3 Quiet D1 Cherub Rock D2 I Am One D3 Mayonaise Limited to 500 copies.



A1 Geek U.S.A. 
A2 Rocket 
A3 Today 
A4 Disarm

B1 Bury Me 
B2 Drown 
B3 Hummer

C1 Soma 
C2 Siva 
C3 Quiet

D1 Cherub Rock 
D2 I Am One 
D3 Mayonaise

Limited to 500 copies.