S.O.U.L. - Can You Feel It [LP]


Tracklist: A1 Can You Feel It A2 Tell It Like It Is A3 Do What Ever You Want To Do A4 Peace Of Mind B1 My Cherie Amour B2 Love, Peace And Power B3 To Mend A...



A1 Can You Feel It 
A2 Tell It Like It Is 
A3 Do What Ever You Want To Do 
A4 Peace Of Mind 
B1 My Cherie Amour 
B2 Love, Peace And Power 
B3 To Mend A Broken Heart 
B4 Sleeping Beauty

The name of the band, S.O.U.L. stands for Sounds of Unity and Love, and that "message" flows through the lyrics in many of these songs.

One description of the band's sound mentions their "snazzy, jazzy instrumentations" and indeed that's one of the strengths of this band. These guys were talented musicians, and when they stretch out the tunes with wah-wah guitars, organ riffs, and rhythmic percussion workouts, the effect is very impressive.

Can You Feel It is where they really come into their own and shine...and jam. This record had only one cover on it, a version of Stevie Wonder's My Cherie Amour. It seems like the band was more confident in doing original material at this point (or perhaps their record label was giving them freer reign) and it shows in some truly sparking numbers, from funky, groove-laden pieces to more traditional soul ballads.

A very talented band that had the chops to be a true soul powerhouse.

Again we'd like to thank BGP Records for releasing these old-skool jams.