Water Soluble pomade

Steadfast pomade has been formulated to allow you to mold your hair to your desired style, with the ability to re-style if needed throughout the day, while still maintaining its hold. Steadfast pomade is a medium plus hold, has a nice shine, subtle rugged scent, nice clear blue color, and it is completely washable. So what are you waiting for? "Keep it steadfast!" made in the U.S.A. Big tub, big bargain!

  • Medium to firm hold
  • Good shine
  • Washes out easily with water
  • Subtle rugged scent

  • Rub a finger scoop into the palm of your hands and work until it softens
  • Apply to dry or towel-dried hair, making sure to work into the roots
    Optional - Use a brush or wide tooth comb to evenly spread the product
  • Style as desired
  • Run a slightly damp comb through hair to restyle when needed during the day