Suavecito - Firme Clay Pomade, Suavecito X Ric Flair, 113g




It's time to style and profile. The only pomade guaranteed to have you feeling like a kiss-stealing, wheelin-dealin, limousine riding and jet flying son of gun. One hour, 90 minutes, 2 days, it makes no difference, this Firme Clay Pomade is guaranteed to go the distance. Whether you like it or not, learn to love it, because the Ric Flair Firme Clay Pomade is the best thing going. Wooo!

This matte pomade adds a powerful grip and texture without drying stiff or shiny. It’s perfect for more natural styles and to add grit and hold to fine hair that usually struggles to hold a style. It also body slams even the most unruly hair that presents a challenge for other products. This water soluble pomade takes a little extra effort to wash out, but most shampoos easily remove it.

• Strong hold - No shine
• Original Suavecito fragrance
• 4 oz of pure, unadulterated greatness
• Limited edition
• Proudly Made in the USA
Works best on dry hair. Scoop a small amount of this pure, unadulterated greatness into hands and emulsify between palms. Starting at the ends of your hair, distribute the pomade, moving toward the roots. Use your fingers to sculpt into desired style, or use a comb for a more polished look.