Suavecito - Premium Blends Ivory Bergamot Aftershave, 500ml


Smell Like:
Begin with a great shave and a high performance aftershave to lock it all in and get you ready to do the best you can do with your day. This aftershave has three effects after application with a bite first, a menthol cooling effect second and lastly as the menthol evaporates the warm scent of Ivory Bergamot is released.

Suavecito Premium Blends Ivory Bergamot After Shave was created to give you a fresh, clean feeling that you can only get with an alcohol-based formula. Reminds you of a time long passed. Also works great as a fresh-smelling cologne!

Scented with; Bergamot, white pepper and tangerine.

Other Scents:
Whiskey Bar:Prominent note of whiskey, cedarwood, lavender, jasmine and patchouli for a refreshing and masculine scent.
Ivory Bergamot: Scented with bergamot, white pepper and tangerine.
Dark Clove: Scented with tangerine, black pepper, jasmine, amber and musk leather.
Black Amber: Scented with bitter orange, basil, black amber and cedar leaf.

- Cleans and disinfects your face after a shave
- Fast and easy to apply
- Long lasting scent
- Works as a daily cologne as well

After each shave splash a little of this on your face.
Allow the formula to do it’s thing, after the bite subsides the cooling menthol will take over and you’re all good!