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Tame Impala - Currents [2LP]


Tracklist:A1 Let It Happen 7:47A2 Nangs 1:48A3 The Moment 4:16B1 Yes I'm Changing 4:31B2 Eventually 5:19B3 Gossip 0:55C1 The Less I Know The Better 3:39C2 Past Life 3:48C3 Disciples 1:49C4 Cause...



A1 Let It Happen 7:47
A2 Nangs 1:48
A3 The Moment 4:16
B1 Yes I'm Changing 4:31
B2 Eventually 5:19
B3 Gossip 0:55

C1 The Less I Know The Better 3:39
C2 Past Life 3:48
C3 Disciples 1:49
C4 Cause I'm A Man 4:02
D1 Reality In Motion 4:13
D2 Love / Paranoia 3:07
D3 New Person, Same Old Mistakes 6:02

Kevin Parker has finally decided he no longer has to make albums that sound like they're being performed by a crusty crew of long-haired, bearded psych dudes jammin' on a weed and lager high. He's succumbed to the idea -or realization- that he himself is just as much a producer as he is a singer in a rock band. Since the beginning he's recorded Tame Impala records by himself, with the same old equipment, with the same idea in mind which is writing great, catchy pop songs. But he did so in a way where those songs could still be looked at as a band and not just Kevin Parker. Currents marks the point in Mr. Parker's musical career where he gave in to the idea that he's an amazing studio Svengali that can manipulate sound and instrument into something that's both retro and futuristic. He needn't worry about creating the illusion of a "band" jammin'. Working with Mark Ronson must've given him the push he needed to fully commit to his studio and songwriting prowess. Sure, a broken heart always helps things along, too. This is his skewered pop epic. Currents is a classic pop record. A classic rock record. It's just a classic.

It’s like some kind of strange 70s soul space-opera. There are guitars all over everything, psychadelic as hell, but they’re buried deep in a sonic stew of electronic sounds. As always their music feels like a natural, and highly welcome, progression. They finely honed attention to tiny details and effects makes this record highly rewarding on repeat listening. A masterpiece.