The Bluebeards Revenge - Beard Brush, Synthetic

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The long-handled Beard Brush was crafted to tackle the boldest beards. A strong and sturdy beech wood body provides enough purchase to tug on stubborn beard knots, while synthetic bristles help to remove trapped dirt and oils. 

    • A responsibly sourced (FSC) beech wood body with a dark varnish gives our Beard Brush a striking style.
    • Synthetic bristles help to untangle knots and remove trapped dirt and oil for a softer, cleaner beard.
    • Long and durable handle makes our Beard Brush perfect for longer beards.
    • Brush is engraved with our iconic skull and crossbones logo – a seal of approval from barbers all over the world.
      Wash and dry your facial hair and brush out any knots with our durable Beard Brush. Then evenly distribute our Classic or Cuban Blend Beard Oil throughout beard growth for a healthier, softer beard. Rinse with clean warm water and store in a dry place – bristles facing down – in between uses.
    • Beech wood, synthetic bristles