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The Bluebeards Revenge - Classic Ice Soap (175g)


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6oz | 175g

Classic Ice Soap

Chunk Size, simple, fresh and masculine scent

Sick of under-sized soaps and fussy scents that just don't tickle your fancy? The Bluebeards Revenge's 'Classic Ice' Soap is chunky enough for even the manliest of hands,
and with our classic scent that will leave you smelling irresistible from head to toe, it's a must for any man's bathroom shelf.

Let’s face it – real men get smelly. You spend your working day grafting to put a crust on the table (and a pint in the hand of course!) so you are bound to work up a bit of sweat.

Strangely not all of our partners, friends and colleagues appreciate the natural “pheromonic” aroma generated in the process – go figure!

It’s hard to make soap sexy so we didn’t bother trying – you can however make it cool – which is how we ended up with our sub-Arctic ‘Classic Ice’ soap bar. Manly in proportions and featuring our classic fragrance this is THE soap for “Real Men”.