Bristle Diameter: 40mm
Bristle Length: 50mm
Overall Length: 90mm
Handle Diameter: 30mm

Whip up a barber-grade shaving lather with The Bluebeards Revenge Synthetic Bristle Doubloon Shaving Brush.

Featuring innovative synthetic bristles, a responsibly sourced birch wood handle and a golden Bluebeards Revenge logo, this super stylish brush helps to create a thick and aerated shaving lather for traditional wet shaves.

It also adds an exfoliating element to traditional wet shaves, removing dead skin and trapped dirt from deep inside the skin.

We’re confident that our synthetic bristle shaving brushes will improve your overall experience when looking in the mirror. Here’s why:

They’re vegan-friendly

Our Vanguard Shaving Brush and new and improved Doubloon Shaving Brush are both 100% suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The synthetic bristle compounds are a great compromise to what would otherwise be an animal-derived brush.

They whip up a barber-grade lather

Just like traditional animal hair brushes, our synthetic bristles promise to whip up an aerated lather worthy of any barber or discerning gent: this means more of the good stuff stays on your face, not on your brush.

Faster drying times

Our synthetic collection dries fast! We’re talking the difference between wet jeans and wet swim shorts. Faster drying times make our Doubloon and Vanguard brushes perfect for busy barbershops and wash bags alike.

They’re easier to maintain

Animal hair shaving brushes are notorious for shedding hair and deteriorate fast when not properly maintained. Synthetic hair brushes still require some care, but nowhere near as much. You can be a bit rougher with these ones.

The barber-grade quality of this brush has seen it championed by industry-leading barbers all over the world. They use it to create super-thick lathers before performing traditional wet shaves.

- Vegan friendly
- Whips up a barber grade lather
- Dries super fast
- Easy to maintain
- Used by barbers

- For best results, use alongside The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream and Shaving Bowl.
- Add a small amount of shaving cream to a shaving bowl with a splash of water.
- Use The Bluebeards Revenge Synthetic Bristle Doubloon Shaving Brush and a few flicks of your wrist to create an aerated shaving lather.
- Apply the shaving lather your face in small circular motions, exfoliating the skin as you go.
- Once finished, rinse the brush clean of shaving cream and leave it to drip-dry, bristles pointing down.

Made in UK
100ml of the Ultimate shaving experience.

Our tough-on-stubble Shaving Cream was the first product we ever conceived. It’s specially designed to tackle the harshest stubble known to man – the dreaded ‘Bluebeard’ – while doing its bit to expose the inadequacies of supermarket shaving foams.Best applied with one of our barber-grade shaving brushes, this award-winning shaving cream is vegan-friendly and helps to nourish and moisturise the skin. It’ll prevent many common shaving woes too, such as razor rash and burn.

Our signature cream has been formulated to barber standards, meaning an almond-sized amount mixed with a little warm water will provide one of the richest lathers you’ve ever seen. Load it on to your brush and get to work. It’s packed full of our Original British barbershop scent too, making it one of our best-sellers, and best-smellers.

SLS / Paraben / Cruelty Free, Vegan / Vegetarian 
Formulated to barber-grade standards to conquer common shaving problems like razor rash and burn with ease.
Helps to nourish, moisturise and rehydrate the skin.Packed with our Original British barbershop scent for long-lasting fragrance.
Championed by leading barbers across the world for its ability to perform a barber-grade wet shave.
Vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Place an almond-sized amount of cream into one of our shaving bowls with a little warm water. 
Whip the cream into a rich lather with one of our shaving brushes for at least one-minute. 
Apply the lather in small circles to raise hairs from the face and coat the skin evenly.


The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream and Doubloon Brush Set is everything you need to master the art of whipping up traditional shaving lathers with ease.

Contains: Shaving Cream | Doubloon Synthetic Shaving Brush