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The Perch Creek Family Jugband - Jumping On The Highwire [LP]




Side A
A1 Party On The Farm
A2 Big Things Calling
A3 Where You Been
A4 Mother Of My Mother
A5 The Great Unknown

Side B
B1 Bitchin' Betty Lou
B2 Watch 'Em Run
B3 Something In The Valley
B4 Why'd You Do That For
B5 Carper Catinach

Perch Creek are a band of five energetic multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, four of whom happen to be siblings. This Melbourne-based band play harmony driven roots music with a creative energy and fearless spirit that sparkles with imagination and individuality. With diverse instrumentation including guitar, double bass, keyboard, trombone, saw, banjo and tap dancing, Perch Creek combine five-part vocal harmonies with folk, roots and rock musical styles all threaded together by the band’s unique collaborative song writing. (Perch Creek Website)