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Toto - Toto [LP]


Tracklist Child's Anthem  2:45  I'll Supply The Love  3:45  Georgy Porgy  4:08  Manuela Run  3:55  You Are The Flower  4:17  Girl Goodbye  6:13  Takin' It Back  3:46  Rockmaker  3:19  Hold The Line  3:56  Angela  4:44 So this thing happened in...



Child's Anthem  2:45  
I'll Supply The Love  3:45  
Georgy Porgy  4:08  
Manuela Run  3:55  
You Are The Flower  4:17  
Girl Goodbye  6:13  
Takin' It Back  3:46  
Rockmaker  3:19  
Hold The Line  3:56  
Angela  4:44

So this thing happened in the late 1970's, where a bunch of bands came out with album covers that were illustrated / airbrush style, and had one word band names, and they had musical chops but commercial sensibility. These bands were called 'corporate rock' and were critically reviled, but hugely successful. Boston, Journey, Foreigner and Toto are the main ones that are always synonymous with this corporate rock entity.

These Guys had already been Session men for a whole bunch of artists, Notable at the time was Boz Scaggs. However by 1977 they decided to form a band of their own. Toto was born. That year this album was recorded. Rich harmonies, superb hooks and mind-blowing playing abounds.

Above all, Toto's debut is a hard album to stop listening to. It's such a feel-good album that offers so much variety, such uniqueness and of course, happiness. Everything is crafted so well and everything gels so nicely. What more could you want from a band's debut? Pick up this album and put it on your top 10 list!