Various Artists - Living In The Streets: Wah Wah Jazz, Funky Soul, And Other Dirty Grooves [2LP]


Tracklist: 1. Use Me2. Light My Fire 3. Mighty Mouse4. You5. Loose and Juicy6. Sweet Buns and Barbeque7. One Monkey Can't Stop the Show 8. Gimme Shelter9. I Don't Know What...



1. Use Me
2. Light My Fire [#]
3. Mighty Mouse
4. You
5. Loose and Juicy
6. Sweet Buns and Barbeque
7. One Monkey Can't Stop the Show [#]
8. Gimme Shelter
9. I Don't Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky
10. Brother You Know You're Doing Wrong
11. Marriage Is a State of Vibes [#]
12. Mister Bass Man
13. Chili Mac
14. Afro-Mania
15. New Beginning

Living In The Streets taps into that era and let's you know what it felt like musically to walk from street corner to bar with the hot air billowing up from the subway grills.

Wah wah jazz, funky soul and dirty grooves (the first volume) really sums up the gems with hardly a dud track in there. And, for the true test of track rarity, we got in the habit of checking out the artists in these sort of compilations to see if I can find the source albums . Well, there are a few well-known artists and tracks accessible, but for the most part, many artists represented on this album who have no other listings, or some whose original records are going for great sums.

This album definitely will leave you feeling elated and along with a pint in hand, refreshed and ready once more to face the day.