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Various Artists - Mod Jazz [2LP]




1. Soul Shoutin'
2. Collard Greens
3. Tengo Tango
4. Why Don't You Do Right?
5. Money's Gettin' Cheaper
6. Step Out and Git It
7. Theme from 'The Carpetbaggers'
8. Them from "N.Y.P.D. " (The ABC TV Series)
9. Whip It on Me
10. Evil Ways
11. Yeh, Yeh!
12. Watermelon Man
13. The Seventh Son
14. I'm Ready
15. Pool Shark
16. Soul Shack
17. Filthy McNasty
18. Love Me Right
19. I've Got Your Number
20. Black Talk
21. Mama Rufus
22. Soul Liberation
23. Games
24. Kenny's Theme
25. Them from "The Pink Panther"

We cannot believe how much time they put into production of this album. The fidelity is top notch really. They did not cut any corners reproducing this. The 2 heavyweight coloured 180 gram records are wonderful.

The song selection is great, the compilation put a lot of thought into what was selected for the album, and it flows very nicely.

Fantastic Classic Mod Jazz album that you can listen to from beginning to end. Talk about a flashback! Loving the series.