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@cutthroat_george keeping it light and natural with Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold

Slick rick re-styleable do with one of our favourite Suavecito Firme Hold

Cut by the celebrity barber afadisme and styled using Terai.⠀

A Textured Quiff is an easily maintained style that can be dressed up or kept casual with the help of a little Uppercut Deluxe Matte Clay

After shaves are crucial when it comes to classic shaving. Don't neglect it to prevent shave burns and infections.

Check out our favourite line of solid cologne 

Stop using your facial wash to wash your beard. First step to taking care of your beard.

From your shower, the gym or off to the airport. Shop for your perfect dry bag. 






This handy-sized shaving brush is ideal for travel and for the perfectly curated bathroom shelf.

it’s perfect for unstructured styles and moresophisticated, groomed finishes perfect for long days on the road. Try NOMAD BARBER Terai clay

The All-Purpose Pomade is an reworked version of their very first product, the Water-based Pomade

Say goodbye to unruly locks with The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Clay. Light but effective hold that sits below the radar without betraying you halfway through the day.

You only need a little so it could last like 4-5 months but if you over do it or use it multiple times a day prob 2 months. The product is great so it’s definitelh worth the cost for the results.⠀

Always all-natural, from our hands to yours. O'douds moustache wax. 

Infused with sustainably and ethically sourced Kahai Nut Oil. This light beard conditioning lotion is what you need if you really care for your beard. 

For thin hair, and this manages to distribute through it very evenly with clumping it together. .⠀

The lightweight design lets you cut for hours without any fatigue.

Uppercut Deluxe delivers a core range of high quality grooming products for men without all the fancy embellishments of salon brands.

Suavecito Pomade committed itself early on to becoming a cultural phenomenon.

You can use all of The Bluebeards Revenge’s consumables with no fear and a totally clear conscience!

Dear Barber is synonymous with class and prestige. Thier unique styling and grooming range meet the needs of professional stylists and allow men to experience luxury grooming at home, every day.

Inspired by Australian barbering, tattoo and surf cultures and the people who surround them, Modern Pirate encapsulates a free and easy approach to individual style and expression through high quality Australian made haircare and lifestyle products.

Founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, we’ve been setting trends in the shaving world for three generations. Proraso grows by Italy’s side.

BRICKELL use the highest quality, natural &organic ingredients to offer the most effectivemen's skincare and grooming products available.THEY Guarantee It.⠀

You know what you won't find at your local drug store? Hair products made with honest ingredients and a sustainable process.

A modern man never stops learning. Changing and adapting to new things, technologies, styles and skills. He prioritises wellbeing, integrity and common values.


The pleasant aroma has this cologne quality that sets it apart from other woodsy scented products on the market.⠀

Cut by the celebrity barber afadisme and styled using Terai.⠀

The Panic Room Presents Modern Pirate Heavy Hold Pomade

Towards A More Comfortable Shave

Imperial gel pomade! review 

7 Tips on Choosing The Best Shaving Creams⠀


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