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RETO 3D 35mm Film Camera

A 3D film camera that is small and lightweight, and easy-to-use. It has a built-in flash and it's film-saving. It simultaneously captures the same object with three slightly different angles, thanks to the triple-lens design. A 3D effect is shown by stitching the 3 photos together

the Red Light District Experience

its good practice to take care of yourselves before you need someone else to take care of you 

love yoursellf before you love someone else

intensive callus trea

these harden skin or callus tends to develop cuts or wounds that you cant even see and feel. these cuts or wounds might get infected depending on what you do on a daily basis. that is why its a good practice to have them removed.


grey coverage

using neutral shades of brown or black we can cover your grey hair to maximize consistency

10% OFF if booked with haircut


the RLD experience

it's time to feel confident in your own skin 

you deserve to feel like the best version of yourself


Suavecito Pomade

we recently brought back the whole collection in our shores

check it out

interested in reselling ?

contact us or register interest here

we sell and distribute

uppercut deluxe

firsthand supply


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Salt and Stone Antioxidant Body Wash Eucalyptus + Bergamot

A powerful, yet gentle hydrating gel cleanser infused with antioxidant-rich botanical extracts + niacinamide. Leaves skin clean with a silky-smooth finish without dehydrating.

Khai's super ℑecret store

just helpin a brother out

Hanz de Fuko Invisible Shave Cream

The World’s Most Luxurious Shave Cream! Designed To Soften The Hair For Maximum Glide And An Effortless Shaving Experience. Prevents Razor Bumps And The Occurrence Of Ingrown Hair

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for appointmentsbook online orcall 1800 GEYLANGor whatsApp us at8228 9063

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the barbershop music

uppercut deluxe

firsthand supply

suavecito pomade

rockwell razors



triumph & disaster

salt & stone

cutandstyled by khai

uppercut deluxe salt spray

hanz de fuko claymation

from the blog

just sharing the love for the things we love


H35 Half Frame Camera review and sample pictures

How to Prestyle your Hair

clipper and trimmer maintaince 

shop lomography

cutandstyled by fad

firsthand supply Hair oil

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