A Gentleman’s Review of the VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula

A Gentleman’s Review of the VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula

The VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula is actually a dietary supplement. A vitamin supplement, to be precise. So how is it better than vitamin tablets that you can buy from the drugstore? The VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula has been specially concocted so that it meets your daily needs for vitamins, and how it differentiates itself from other vitamin supplements available in the market is focusing on enhancing facial hair growth. It actually calls itself the world’s first beard vitamin.

Does it work?

If one were to look at reviews from users, 88% of those who have bought the product rate it at the highest level of five stars. 8% rate it just below at the four-star level and only one user thought it was worthy of a three-star rating. Caleb H gave it only three stars because, in his own admission, he thought it would work faster than it actually did. However, he would still recommend it to others and use more of it himself.

Among those who rated it at the level of four stars, Juan-David S from Colombia was upset that his order got delayed when it was delivered through 4-72, a private company that has taken over Adpostal, the state-run postal system. He advises that other delivery partners could be considered, because he intends to buy more of the product.

Rith N, another user who rated the VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula at the same level of four stars, was actually impressed by the fast delivery of the product following his placing an order with the company. Some of the others who thought it was only good to be at the four-star level had yet to see significant results after 2-3 weeks. One person even complained it didn’t help him with his ‘patches’.

What it does – and what it cannot do

The product is a 90-capsule bottle. The company recommends that a capsule be taken for three times a day with food, so that means each bottle would last for about 30 days or roughly a month. It also states the supplement is to be taken for at least 30 days before results can be seen, so those who felt that it was not delivering on its promise after 14-21 days may have been over expecting.

The product promotes facial hair growth, but ‘patches’ (thick hair in some areas, lesser facial hair in others) are caused by another problem altogether – that of in-grown hairs. With such hairs, both the root and the tip are both embedded in the skin. So any hair growth only pushes the tip deeper inward, causing no difference on the outside.

In such a case, it is better to get rid of in-grown hairs by shaving oneself clean, and starting all over again from scratch. Thomas S, who commented that the VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula couldn’t help him with his patches, might do well to take this advice, so that he can grow a beard fully. He was right when he added that there is no multivitamin supplement in the world that could help him – because it is not a problem that can be solved by taking more vitamins.

What is on the inside

It is natural to think that since it enhances facial hair growth, there must be some growth hormone or steroid in the VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula that brings about this effect. Nothing could be farther from the truth. All the ingredients are listed on the label, and you can see that it is largely Vitamin B (various forms of it, like thiamine or B1, riboflavin or B2, niacin or B3, pyridoxine or B6, biotin or B7, and methylcobalamin or B12 are all present), in addition to Vitamins A, C, D, and E.

Vital nutrients like iodine, zinc and copper also come with the product. There are actually some seven variants of Vitamin B7 or biotin, and only one among them is naturally occurring, found in food sources. This is D-biotin, and constitutes the whole of what is included in the VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula as Vitamin B7.

The entire formula is NSF Certified For Sort®, meaning it does not contain any banned substances. In the context of sport, certain substances which enhance growth/performance and give athletes an unfair advantage are the ones that are banned. The VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula contains none of these, and what has been listed above make up everything there is about the product.

What real users say about the VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula

Many say it is effective. Jennifer L bought it for her husband and she was surprised to see her husband’s beard become ‘healthy’ (and this was after she had tried other products). Another user, Delshaun S, says that it works only if you take it with meals twice a day (the instructions on the bottle say you need to take it with meals three times a day). Results do show after the 30 days advertised by the company, and many turn repeat customers, buying more of the product.

There also seems to be another reason for its success – apart from promoting facial hair growth, the VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula has also been devised to minimize the production of oil on the skin underneath the beard. The oil traps dirt and other irritants, which cannot escape because of the facial hair, causing what is known as beard itch – something that everyone who has a beard or has tried to grow one is familiar with.

The company also does its bit for society – every bottle of the VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula bought results in a child getting vitamins for a year. This might also appeal to some who were contemplating its purchase.

It is apparently so good that Ejoy P, who rates the product at the highest level of five stars, cannot wait until fresh stocks arrive, so that he can buy more of the VitaBeard Facial Hair Formula.

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