Apothecary87 – Vanilla & MANgo Beard Oil Review (Milly’s)

Apothecary87 – Vanilla & MANgo Beard Oil Review (Milly’s)


Ok here we go, we are gonna take a look at one of the beard care products by Apothecary87: The Vanilla & MANgo Beard Oil. This is one of the Apothecary87’s newer products on the scene. Many have had great experience using their products so it would be quite normal for guys to have high hopes for this new product.

Milly’s oil has been named after one of the most famous beardsmen online, Mr. Chris John Millington, who for those people who are unaware is a quite blessed looking guy, who dons a fantastic beard and hair that many are simply in awe by, check him out on twitter if you want to see what I’m talking about.

Mr. Millington has concocted the scent element and desired something just a tad bit fruity, he obviously has a good nose for this kind of thing. This may have been his first time delving into beard oil and what a success it has turned out to be indeed.  The oil was made with similar base properties and ingredients, to the Rather Alluring Beard by Apothecary87, but this time with a brand new original scent.
The ingredients included are –

  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Cedarwood Atlas Oil
  • Vanilla Fragrance
  • Mango Fragrance

The oil possesses a quite nice consistency, its light and gets absorbed into the facial hairs very well. Only a few tiny drops is needed to get the job done in order for your beard and moustache to get the moisture the both require. It’s not at all too greasy and is very gentle on the skin and nourishing for it as well. Remember that having healthy skin is part of the basis for having a healthy beard and moustache. Hereunder are some of the great qualities of this beard oil:

Softness – You literally get instant softness that lasts throughout the day and from the second it gets into your facial hairs you can experience the benefit of the oil.  As you rub the oil gently through your beard you will realize how pleasant it feels and while rubbing it unto your skin around the hair follicles you can feel your skin becoming softer and nicely moisturized. This can be used to condition your beard before you call it a night and as a day-to-day moisturizer and for both these cases it functions very nicely softening and making the hairs easy to manage. Even during windy and rainy days, the oil manages to protect the facial hair from damage. So worry not when going in any weather condition (well don’t know about when its snowing outdoors actually :p).

Shine – This Milly’s oil does give the beard a really nice and clean sheen, a succulent lustre that makes your facial hair really becoming eye catching.  It rejuvenates the look of the beard and you should not be astonished if you were to get quite a bit of positive feedback from people who notice your beard.

Scent – If for any particular reason you have yet to try any of the Apothecary87 range of beard products, then first of all why in the heavens haven’t you done so yet! Secondly, I want you to be aware that beautiful refreshing scents are what make this particular brand stand out from many of the other brands on the market.  Mr. Millington’s “signature” oil is a lovely smelling bottle of paradise for the nose. You may even say that smelling the bottle alone is like happiness for the nose… This may appear to you as being a bit odd but it is what it is. The oil is truly a magnificent scent that not only refreshes and revitalizes but it also happens to have a very “#steamkodok (feel good)” aspect to it.  The positive aroma from the bottle that it gives off is uplifting, you get Mango right away and then there is also a clever and fine hint of more earthly but not earthy, natural tones.

So there you go, another excellent product from Apothecary87 with Chris John Millington behind the wonderful aroma. Be sure to check out www.thepanicroom.com.sg if you are interested in trying out the Apothecary87 – Vanilla & Mango beard oil. We also carry a wide selection of men’s grooming products for beard, moustache and hair care. Come check us out! Peace!

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