How To Grow A Beard: For Those Who Are Desperate

How To Grow A Beard: For Those Who Are Desperate

The beard is considered by many to be the epitome of manliness. It is that feature of males that tends to separate the men from the boys. So, it is no wonder why a lot of guys go out of their way to grow a beard despite the inconveniences that come along with it.

The problem is that not all guys apparently have the ability to grow beards, especially beards that are full, thick and long. Many experts say that a man’s ability to grow a beard depends on his genetics more than anything else. Thus, if a person’s forefathers did not have beards then it is highly likely that he won’t grow one either.

This can be a very discouraging reality and leaves room for charlatans to come in with all types of products like pills, creams and oils among other things to promote as solutions for those who can’t grow a beard.

Although a lot of these products produce little to no results at all, not all hope is lost since some men have made a discovery that has finally allowed men with seemingly “bad genetics” to grow decent full on beards in a matter of months.

This product has been backed by science and is FDA approved so this gives us the peace of mind that this should at least be worth a shot. The product in question is known as minoxidil.

So, what is this minoxidil exactly?

minoxidil is a generic medication used for hair regrowth. It was originally developed for treating hypertension (high blood pressure), and prescribed under the name Loniten. Patients taking the drug orally discovered that — as a side effect — it promoted hair growth over the whole body. Research demonstrated that if applied topically to the scalp, as a cream or liquid, it would still grow hair for most people. In the US, over-the-counter versions contain 2% or 5% minoxidil.

I do not think that scientists fully understand how and why minoxidil is so effective for hair growth but the results and testimonies of hundreds if not thousands of people speak for themselves.

Now, this goes without saying that one should be aware of the potential side effects involved. These range from mild to pretty serious. The first few treatments might increase your heartbeat, and/or make you feel dizzy or light headed. This is common and usually disappears after a few days as your body gets used to it. Your heart rate may still increase but you shouldn’t feel continued dizziness. If so, STOP! Perhaps start with 1 treatment a day for a week. Itchiness and dried out skin is another side effect. This can be treated with cool water and/or lotion.

In order to grow a beard, I think its safe to say that all successful minoxidil users will advise that you apply it twice a day with a gap of 8 hours between each application for a period of no less than 6 months. By the end of the 6th month one should be able to see the effect of minoxidil on one’s beard growth.

If you are satisfied with the results attained after the 6 month period, then you could cease the application of minoxidil and just work on maintaining the new beard you’ve grown.

If you aren’t satisfied, then feel free to continue on with this journey for another 6 months. Some users may advise that instead of just suddenly stopping your applications, you should lessen the amount minox you apply for a good while before ceasing for good. But it is just an advice and it is totally up to you to take it if you wish to.

As was mentioned above, minoxidil is notorious for causing dryness and itchiness. That is why it is recommended that you apply a moisturizer like lotion or even better beard oil.

What you do is, once you’ve applied the minoxidil on your face, you are to keep it on for 4 hours and then wash it off. Once you’ve washed it off and dried your face, you then proceed to apply a fair amount of beard oil on your face to keep your skin well moisturized for the day.

Not to mention, beard oil has also been shown to help with beard growth as well. So, by combining these products, you shouldn’t have any problem growing the beard that you’ve always wanted.


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