The Panic Room presents Beardbrand Beard Oil

The Panic Room presents Beardbrand Beard Oil

Beardbrand prides itself in providing the best beard products in the business. Designed to be lightweight, their fine blends of natural oils will nourish your beard and imbue it with a healthy shine, minus the greasy feeling.

Splash on the Spiced Citrus beard oil for a warm scent of grapefruit and Christmassy notes, a perfectly delicious aroma that will tempt you to suck on your ‘stache.

Tea Tree is strictly for the cool cats! Keep calm when the ladies at your office step a little closer to breathe in that minty vanilla freshness. Barber-tested, girlfriend-approved.

Tree Ranger is a bracing woodsy scent that will empower you to seek and destroy fake  lumbersexuals – or hug a tree and become one with nature. It’s your life, man.

If you prefer a scentless oil, Blank Slate is your perfect match. It also does not contain almond oil and argan oil, making it ideal for beardsmen with nut allergies.

Your path to being the mane attraction begins at The Panic Room.

Beardbrand Beard Oil

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