The Panic Room presents Big Red Beard Oil

The Panic Room presents Big Red Beard Oil

Big Red was birthed out of a furniture maker’s frustration at being limited to charmless plastic combs for grooming. Drawing on his woodwork expertise, he crafted a better comb; the same craftsmanship has been applied to Big Red’s line of beard care products.

Big Red Beard Oil - Factory

Factory Beard Oil is an unpretentious woodsy blend designed as a tribute to blue collar workers and nature lovers. It lingers subtly and releases spicy and herbal notes through the day, perking you up while all-natural oils nourish your skin and hair.

A blend of 8 different oils, Noble Beard Oil is a sophisticated mix of sweet and woody scents designed to take you from your morning ritual to the top of your night on the town, keeping your beard shiny and moisturised.

Don’t feel small and blue, the Big Red one is waiting at The Panic Room.

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