The Panic Room presents Captain Fawcett CF.332 Private Stock Beard Oil

The Panic Room presents Captain Fawcett CF.332 Private Stock Beard Oil

You probably think Captain Fawcett is fictional, a figment of some marketing exec’s deadline-fevered imagination, but we met him during our trip to Barber Connect you know? Rumours of his non-existence are greatly exaggerated – ok maybe he is not the original long-gone explorer, but he certainly fits the role!

Unlike the provenance of his identity, there are no doubts about the quality of the good Captain’s CF.332 Private Stock Beard Oil. One look and you know you are in for a treat: the package brings to mind the type of atas cologne you see at a high-end boutique, definitely not your Lucky Plaza bargain basement varieties. The beard oil comes in a tidy 50ml bottle, bigger than most beard oil containers you might be used to, with a pipette and rubber stopper combo to ensure that there is no wastage when it comes to dispensing the proper quantity for application – no leaky Fawcett here!

Since this is a high-quality blend, a little goes a long way, even if the wonderfully robust and refreshing forest scent tempts you to use a bit more than strictly necessary. While the woodsy, spicy notes can be quite a heady mix the first time you sniff it, the fragrance does not overstay its welcome; it gives you a good buzz to perk you right up in the early morning and slowly fades as you go through your day.

A few drops of the Captain’s private stock are enough to coat your entire facial hair architecture with a low-key lustre, while the sweet almond, jojoba and vitamin E oils deeply condition your hairs, making it easier to comb through and tame the strays. Regular use of the beard oil will soften your beard, increasing your cuddle factor by at least 100% and lowering the chances that your significant other will keep nagging you to shave it all off. Not that you would ever part with your beard, but hey, everyone could do with a little less negativity in their lives!


If you are worried that it will make your beard appear over-oiled, relax. The sheen you get is comparable to using a medium shine pomade on your hair – just enough to highlight your beautiful beard, but not make it so that it will blind everyone within a 10 meter radius when you stand in direct sunlight.

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