The Panic Room presents Edwin Jagger Moustache Wax

The Panic Room presents Edwin Jagger Moustache Wax

Edwin Jagger is famous for their beautiful double edge razors, highly regarded in both form and function. If that was the limit of it, their legacy as a manufacturer of premium handsome-making tools would already be assured, but here we are with a review of their moustache waxes.

What makes this moustache wax different from others? Simple: the complex scents and firm hold. Like introducing some pandan into your cup of tea, both waxes have fragrances that are familiar yet exotic. They still remain firmly on the masculine side, with a brisk bergamot & cedarwood blend that smells like a morning run through Macritchie Reservoir after the rain, and a fresh aloe vera scent that brings to mind a mug of strongly brewed tea, astringent yet refreshing. Give us a second while we reflect on how strong our scent-description game is, thanks.

One trick to determining whether a moustache wax is gonna hold up during the course of your day is by digging the wax out. If the wax does not resist, throw it away – you could be using Vaseline for all the difference it makes. No, a true moustache wax will fight your finger, resisting any attempts at scooping. You have to use the back of your fingernails to pick some wax out, then use your thumb and fingers to gently rub it, preferably while making sexy faces at your significant other. Alternatively you could use a hairdryer to warm the wax up so that it is easier to apply, but remember that only girly-men do that. Once the wax is ready to go, apply it to your moustachio in an outwards and downwards direction. Comb and twirl your magnificent facial hair specimen into the shape you desire, then go forth in the assurance that your moustache will shape the desires of others. Boom!

Wake up in the morning feeling like Edwin Jagger, here at The Panic Room.

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