The Panic Room presents Lockhart’s Heavy Duty Moustache Wax

The Panic Room presents Lockhart’s Heavy Duty Moustache Wax

The moustache life is not for everyone, but for handsome gentlemen who can pull off the look, part of the struggle is finding a wax that can check all boxes: it has to be strong, easy to apply and last the whole day. Call off the search, this is the wax you need.

Lockhart's Authentic Gentlemen Co. - Moustache Wax Heavy Duty Brown

Once again, Lockhart’s comes to the rescue, with their Heavy Duty Moustache Wax that comes in brown and white variations, to suit moustachios of all colours. Though it has one of the heaviest holds we have seen so far, the wax is soft enough that you won’t need to use a hairdryer to soften it prior to application. You still gotta dig in to get the sucka out though; use the back of your fingernail (or a guitar pick) to scoop a portion, then rub the moustache wax between your fingers while you pretend to play the world’s smallest violin. Once it gets soft, coat your lip-curtains and use a moustache comb to ensure that stuff gets spread out properly. Take a second to appreciate the delicious vanilla or coconut scent (depending on whether you get the white or brown mo’wax) before shaping your handlebar. You are now ready to charm the world through the glory of your moustache, but remember: with great moustache power comes great moustache responsibility.

If you are worried about droopy moustaches, relax. The moustached members of the Panic Squad did a field testing of this stuff and reported that the hold lasted the entire day, without the need for a second application. Just in case you do, say for instance you live near or on top of an active volcano where the intense heat melts your moustache wax off constantly, the tin is small enough to fit in your pocket so you can add a touch as required. We suggest that you settle your volcanic housing situation before worrying about facial hair, though.

Give your moustache a Lockhart-on, here at The Panic Room.

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