The Panic Room presents Primal Rituals Beard Oil

The Panic Room presents Primal Rituals Beard Oil


What up, all you Ron Swanson he-man types! Back today with bottles of Primal Rituals beard oils air-flown all the way from Middle-Earth, straight to your friendly neighbourhood barbershop! You got it, this batch of handsoming oils are handmade in small batches by our friend Kent Pollard in New Zealand, land of hairy hobbits and the famous All Blacks rugby team. With such a pedigree, we had high expectations for these oils.

Sure enough, Primal Rituals did not disappoint. In keeping with their name, these are straight-up raw and organic, made with argan, jojoba and grapeseed oils that provide an unmatched natural smoothness and moisturisation from the high vitamin content. Don’t believe us? Ask your mother – she knows that argan oil is good for you! We were told that regular Primal Ritual beard oil users reported being blessed with thicker and softer beards. You will also experience less scratchiness under your facial blanket once it has attained top beard condition.

What we are trying to say is, your beard will thank you.

We haven’t even started on the scents yet. Wow, the scents. Let me tell ya, these are not your run of the mill beard oil scents. No, these be some heavy duty stuff! Both the Buckwilde and Citrus Swag pack a solid punch, nostrilogically speaking. The Buckwilde has an intoxicating peppermint blast and a hint of spicy clove, perfect for an early morning pick-me-up. Citrus Swag does what it says on the label – it’s a refreshing lime scent that will make you crave some nice teh-O limau on a warm sunny day. Primal Rituals have not forgotten about you guys who prefer unscented beard oils for whatever reason (maybe you have a perfume layering thing going on, perhaps you don’t want to your scent to travel upwind when hunting animals) so that is where the Au Naturel beard oil comes in: 100% goodness, 0% scent.

Watch this space for more news on Primal Rituals at The Panic Room!

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