The Panic Room presents Shear Revival Beard Oil

The Panic Room presents Shear Revival Beard Oil

Once in a while, a brand comes along and garners all the acclaim. Sometimes the hype is undeserved but that is definitely not the case with Shear Revival, with Zachary West going from strength to strength. Their line of vegan oils helps rejuvenate lifeless beards.

Getting its name from an archaic term for sailors, Bluejacket beard oil hydrates your hair and skin, leaving an appealing sheen to your testosterone thicket. The refreshing citrus scent is a callback to days when seamen would consume lime to prevent scurvy.

An old school slang word for physician, Sawbones will cure your beard of dryness and itch with its blend of organic oils that imparts a sweet outdoorsy scent to your manly facial accessory. Jojoba oil keeps your moustache moisturised and handsome.

The revival movement begins at The Panic Room.

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