9 Tips To Keep Your Beard Looking Awesome (Part 2)

9 Tips To Keep Your Beard Looking Awesome (Part 2)

Find Out How to Utilize a Beard Trimmer

A beard trimmer is an excellent equipment for shaping your beard but you have to utilize it well for maximum benefit. Prior to utilizing the trimmer, be sure to comb your beard in a downward motion.

Celebrity stylist Diana Schmidtke has an alternative view, saying that when trimming you should go in an upward motion, then out once you reach the sideburn area.

After trimming ensure to comb down once again to keep it neat and tidy.

Do Not Trim Your Beard While It’s Wet

A wet beard is usually longer and if you proceed to trim it while it is wet, you may end up trimming more off than you would desire to. Prior to trimming be sure that your beard is dry so that you’ll be precise in terms of how much facial hair you should trim.

Discover the Suitable Beard Line

A good beard line can be the difference between appearing fatter or appearing sharper. Trim it too near to the neck and the slightest weight gain is magnified and causes “you to appear as if you have a double chin.”

Have a Good Diet For Healthy Skin & Beard

Nutrition plays a vital role in how quickly your beard grows and how nice it looks. Experts say that a healthy skin means healthy hair thus a diet that is rich in Omega-3 and vitamins (especially vitamin A) is a good step in the correct direction. Do avoid drinking alcohol since this causes dehydration.

The two-time world beard champion Jack Passion says that in order for you to grow and keep an excellent looking beard, you ought to focus on your health because if you are healthy inwardly you will be able to grow nice healthy hair. This means eating foods rich in protein and saturated fat to achieve your maximum potential.

Comb Your Beard Well

For men with a full beard, comb that lovely piece of facial hair prior to going out. You will require a wide toothcomb, a narrow toothcomb and also a beard brush.

For the same reason you comb the hair on your head, you desire to get rid of any tangles and ensure you do not look like you just got out of bed.

Do this once you have showered or after washing your beard so that it still has some moisture and you can style it better.

Remember To Use Beard Oil

One of the main complaints from guys growing a full on beard is that their beards feel really itchy. The reason for that is because your beard is sucking all the nutrients from your face causing it to be very dry and flaky. One of the effects of this dryness is a phenomenon known as “beardruf” – yes you got that right, it’s dandruff on the beard.

Beard oil does two things for your beard: first of all it hydrates, providing your beard with the nutrients it is in needed.

Second of all it aids in keeping the beard in order. A toothcomb and beard oil are the secret sauce to any clean looking beard.


Grooming a beard does require a good amount of time however when you see the outcome it is well worth it. These are only certain general guidelines for grooming your beard to help get you started. Like with anything in life, there will be nuances contingent upon how long your beard is and other factors such as if you have dry facial hair which will affect the product you decide to choose.

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