Beard Balm: Keep Your Beard On Fleek

Beard Balm: Keep Your Beard On Fleek

When it comes to beard care, there are a lot of different products being promoted on the market nowadays. These range from beard soaps to oils, combs and brushes specific for facial hair and others.

Among the popular beard care products out there is the beard balm. Beard balm, which is also known as “beard wax” and “beard butter”, is a beard maintenance product typically used to style beards so that the facial hairs are kept down rather than being all over the place and making a person like untidy.

You could say that it is sort of a hybrid between beard oil and moustache wax. It contains a variety of ingredients that promote good beard health like beeswax, butters (e.g. shea butter, cocoa butter), carrier oils as well as essential oils.

Beeswax, being one of the core ingredients of beard balms, is what gives them the ability to style beards. It acts like a pomade essentially, allowing for style and slight hold. But, besides that, beeswax also has health benefits which allow for long-term beard care and maintenance.

What it does is that it keeps in moisture. This is very vital for avoiding dryness and itching especially for beard men living in countries with either extreme heat or severe cold climates.

The butters used in beard balms, like cocoa or shea butter, helps with being able to spread the balm nicely and smoothly onto the beard and on top of that it actually helps in moisturizing the beard.

The carrier oils incorporated into each beard balm derive from an array of plant sources. The ones most commonly used are argan oil, jojoba oil as well as sweet almond oil among others.

These oils are also used to moisturize the beard (even more so than the butters) and keep it real soft as well. Essential oils are responsible for the great scents that derive from the beard balms as well as the skin care of the face.
When growing a beard, it is very easy for a person to forget that there is more to it than just letting the beard grow and leaving it at that. That is a horrible approach and will very likely lead to a dude growing an undesirable beard.

The reason being is that the beard is a living thing. It can be compared to the growing of a plant. The plant is unable to grow to its best potential without essentials like water, sunlight, minerals, good soil, etc. Without those essential requirements, the plant is bound to tither away.

The beard is not that much different actually. In order to grow a solid and luscious beard, there are essentials that are needed as well rather than just simply letting it grow out and not giving it the care it requires.

This is where essentials such as beard balm come into play. With the nourishing core ingredients of beard balms, these will allow any guy seeking to grow a nice beard the care his beard needs.

Beard balms not only provide men with aesthetic related benefits like keeping the beard look neat and presentable, but it also helps in preventing and getting rid of beardruff. Beardruff or beard dandruff occurs especially when the beard gets noticeably long and then begins to dry out thus causing the facial skin to become dry as well. Once this happens, the skin of the face will start to flake and may become itchy as a side effect as well.

Since beard balms have a moisturizing effect on the beard and the skin, it keeps them both hydrated thus preventing any dryness from occurring. These balms also keep the beard nice and soft which may be very important for a dude in a relationship. But besides that, it also helps in preventing split ends.

So, all in all, any guy who is serious about growing and maintaining not just a thick beard but rather a healthy thick beard, then one of the essential tools that he’ll need is beard balm.

Make sure that the beard balm you purchase has the core ingredients mentioned above (i.e. beeswax, shea or cocoa butter, carrier oil and essential oils) and avoid getting any product that contains any harsh chemicals.

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