FULTON-ROARK Tybee Solid Cologne Review

FULTON-ROARK Tybee Solid Cologne Review

When I first heard about “solid colognes”, I was thinking “hmm.. what’s that?” Obviously, we already know the colognes and perfumes that most people use come in spray liquid-form, sometimes in fancy bottles… and sometimes, in even fancier bottles.

But hey, this F&R solid cologne comes in a square metal case no bigger than your phone. Heck, it’s probably less than half the size of your phone. What I like about this? Convenience. And it looks very… for the lack of a better word, solid. I’m a very rough person when it comes to keeping things, plus I hardly carry a bag around. When I do, I chuck everything inside. The good thing about this metal case is that I can fit it inside my pockets or dump it in the front compartment of my bag and easily find it when I have to battle the other random things in my bag… like my warzone-tangled earpiece.

Up till now, I still cannot remember the brand name of this solid cologne. But I know it says F&R, it’s literally engraved onto the case. More points to aesthetics! Yeah, I really like how the metal case looks. And to open it, you just swing the top cover around in either clockwise or anti-clockwise directions. Sweeeet.

But enough about looks, let’s talk about the real function of this cologne: smell.

Out of the 3 scents, I picked Tybee. To me, it smells the “friendliest”. As in, I’m not the sort to choose super masculine scents, but also not the super feminine sweet kind. On the packaging, they described it as “clean, light, musk”. It works for me, but if you do want something more masculine, Hatteras & Shackleford would probably be something I would get for my brothers to use.

Application is straightforward enough- lightly swipe it with your fingers and apply to pulse points (i.e. wrists, neck etc.).

It probably doesn’t last the whole day, and it’s not as lasting as I thought (for some reason, the idea of ‘solid’ just seems stronger than ‘liquid’ right?), but the convenience kinda outweighs the lasting power of this cologne.

P.S: It’s also quite a fun thing to show-off to your friends. Definitely something I would put on my “cool things to gift your friends with” list.

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