Review: The Bluebeards Revenge – Face Scrub

Review: The Bluebeards Revenge – Face Scrub

This rich, creamy scrub has been carefully formulated to provide men with a relaxing facial treatment that removes dirt and grime from deep inside the skin’s pores.

The Bluebeards Revenge – Face Scrub

Men’s Face Scrub
Size: 100 ml


– Effective at removing unwanted grime and oil from the skin
– Finely crushed olive stones gently exfoliate and massage the skin
– Ginger extract for antiseptic and astringent properties
– Cleanses and preps any beard ready for shaving or styling
– Classic barbershop scent; smells great

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Use Directions

Place a dollop on to your palms and scrub evenly on your face. Massage gently into your skin in small circles for a minute or two, and then wash them off with water. After towel drying your face, your skin will feels soft and revitalised.


How It Works

Every so often you may encounter issues with razor burn and dry outs from either using a product that has irritating ingredients or cheap, tacky plastic microbeads to deliver the scrubbing sensation. Or maybe your existing face scrub doesn’t free up the beard enough to allow you to really get close to the skin and style it exactly how you want.

With this little scrubbing gem from Bluebeards Revenge, you won’t have any of the issue above! Their face scrub uses ground up olive stones, to provide a moisture-rich and all natural exfoliation that cleanse and refresh your skin, whilst removing dead skin cells. It gets super deep into your skin and beard, removing dirt and grime that generally builds up deep inside your skin’s pores. We found it great to remove any unwanted beard oil too!

The key lies in the wheat germ oil that helps to gently calm and repair the skin. This wonderful oil (rich in Vitamin B6, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus) is known for its anti-ageing properties and its ability to repair damaged skin tissue. It also helps minerals, vitamins and nutrients to reach skin cells, relieving them of the stresses presented by everyday life.

Packed with ginger extract means not only does the rich creamy formulated treatment smell great, it also has a soothing antiseptic property to it—a very important consideration when choosing an exfoliating product. Another thing with ginger extract is that its spicy nature increases the circulation of blood under the skin too, meaning men can expect to receive many comments on their improved complexion.

Thanks to its exfoliating properties and signature barbershop scent, The Bluebeards Revenge Face Scrub is also favoured by some of the industry’s best barbers as a pre-treatment to a traditional wet shave. After all, smoother shaving is only possible with a smooth skin!

Verdict: Prepping the skin and beard ready for shaving is top of any man’s list, and grooming and skincare doesn’t come more tailored for men than the range that the guys at The Bluebeards Revenge have to offer. In other words, we highly recommend this ultimate face scrub for real men!




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