The Panic Room presents Alfred Lane Solid Cologne

The Panic Room presents Alfred Lane Solid Cologne

If you have experienced the hassle of travelling with a bottle of your favourite cologne in tow, you know that the struggle is real. It is one of the unique problems that modern technology has not been able to conquer, because until recently, we were looking the wrong way. What we needed was to look to the past.

Solid perfumes are not a recent invention. The ancient Egyptians believed in their healing powers, and the Romans consumed perfumed blends to restore balance to their bodies. While we are not quite ready to go that far yet, we think it’s about time that solid colognes made a comeback.

Alfred Lane solid colognes are the product of two modern-day Horatio Algers who left their jobs to blaze a trail in the world of men’s fragrances. After three months of research and testing, they arrived at their own unique take on an ancient formula. Natural ingredients including jojoba oil and shea butter are sourced from all over the US, making their way to Chicago for final assembly, with the partners brewing them in small batches to ensure proper quality control. The end result is a highly concentrated wax with a soft touch for dabbing onto skin.

The colognes are hand-poured into tasteful tin cans that evoke old school class. You have a choice of three scents: Bravado is a complex woodsy scent with spicy notes and a touch of leather and tobacco, making it the manliest of the trio. Brio has a mossy, musky warmth with top notes of vetiver and spice, perfect for our climate. Vanguard is a refreshing mix of citrus and forest notes that finds a balance between sweet and spicy, and gets the best reaction from the fairer sex (yep, we tested them all).

Every scent is a winner, and suits any mood that you may find yourself in. The longevity is enhanced by its solidity; essential oils take their time to react with your body’s unique properties, usually lasting throughout the day with a single application. Alfred Lane gets our highest recommendation: barber-tested, girlfriend-approved.

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