The Panic Room presents Brickell Purifying Charcoal Face Wash

The Panic Room presents Brickell Purifying Charcoal Face Wash

Ok, time to put the cards on the table: We straight up love Brickell Men’s Products. Basically if the jar or bottle has a Brickell label slapped on it, it gets our seal of approval, but more importantly, Brickell products are well-received by you guys too. Hooray for honest reviews!

By now you probably already know that Brickell makes products using natural and organic ingredients where possible, their labels proudly indicate the percentages of both (99% natural and 60% organic for this particular product, in case you’re wondering). This is a result of their brand being established as a direct response to the amount of drek that gets sold as men’s grooming products, most of them containing known harmful chemicals. Now, unless you have always nursed a desire to look like (forgotten 90’s cartoon character) the Toxic Crusader, it is probably a good idea to keep your skin and body as far away from chemicals as possible, yeah?

The Purifying Charcoal Face Wash is a clear greyish gel that lathers easily for application – we recommend washing your face with warm water to prepare your skin for a more thorough cleanse. The main ingredient is activated charcoal (no surprises there) that contains a high carbon content, which detoxifies your skin by clearing dirt and other nastiness from pores. Other ingredients such as olive oil, jojoba and aloe vera all do a good job of hydrating and nourishing your skin by replacing natural oils and locking in moisture. We tested this amongst ourselves recently, and one of the frequent comments is that skin looks healthier and shinier almost instantly – shinier in the sense that it appears radiant, not shinier like we applied Murray’s Super Light to our faces. Oh, and one tip: the first time you use the face wash, don’t be alarmed if your skin feels slightly tighter afterwards, that’s just the active ingredients at work. Soon enough you will get used to the pleasant sensation, secure in the knowledge that it is money well spent instead of literally going down the drain.

Don’t wait for Santa to bring you charcoal, Christmas comes early for naughty boys and girls at The Panic Room.

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