The Panic Room presents Brickell Renewing Face Scrub

The Panic Room presents Brickell Renewing Face Scrub

We are almost nearing the end of our overview of Brickell Men’s Products, with a look at their Renewing Face Scrub. If you are not familiar with Brickell by now, let us share a brief recap: they make amazing skin food that’s all good, for your face, your hair and your body, chockful of natural and organic ingredients. Brickell is the truth.

Consider the Renewing Face Scrub an upgrade to the inferior facial scrubs that clog up the supermarket aisles, your skin pores and our drinking waters. We are not being unnecessarily harsh here – a quick Google for ‘facial scrub microbeads’ will show you just how much damage the tiny plastic crap does to your skin as well as the environment. The natural scrubbing particles found in the Renewing Face Scrub are actually certified-organic jojoba beads and pumice that provide effective exfoliation, so you can scrub dead skin and impurities away, leaving a bright complexion and a clear conscience. This will also prep your skin for a close comfortable shave, as the tough hairs would have already been softened and lifted by the exfoliating motions. By the time you brush on the shaving cream of your choice, your chin and whiskers will be ready to experience the slickest shave possible. Try to keep the face-stroking to a minimum afterwards, ok?

By the way, pumice is basically hardened volcanic lava. So when you use Renewing Face Scrub, technically you would not be lying if you tell friends that you wash your face with volcanic lava. Just saying.

Once your shave or scrub is done, the rich avocado, aloe vera and vitamin E content will keep your skin nourished and hydrated for hours, especially when used in combination with other nutrient-rich Brickell products such as the Daily Essential Face Moisturizer. It is best to choose facial products that contain Vitamin E if you have skin issues such as dryness, as it will repair damaged skin tissue and protect it from further harm. The scent is derived from a yin yang blend of coffee and green tea extracts that do the job of perking you up, seeing as how you are literally applying caffeine to your face.

A scrub is a guy who can’t get no love from Brickell, available here at The Panic Room.

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