The Panic Room presents JS Sloane Old Fashioned Gentlemen’s Bar Soap

The Panic Room presents JS Sloane Old Fashioned Gentlemen’s Bar Soap

JS Sloane - Old Fashioned Gentlemen's Bar Soap

The humble soap bar is making a comeback. Having been thoroughly trained to expect liquid soaps everywhere, we think that it is way past time that we went back to good ol’ soap bars, especially the artisanal varieties peddled by our favourite brands like O’Douds, Brickell and now JS Sloane. Why soap bars, you ask? Well, allow us to convince you of their soaperiority!

JS Sloane recently launched their Old Fashioned Gentlemen’s Bar Soap, an artisanal cold processed olive oil soap that weighs in at a humongous 200g. The cold process method of making soap provides plenty of control over what goes into the end product, so artisans are able to incorporate the best ingredients into the blend. This is possible as the soap is basically created from scratch – think Fight Club, minus the human fats and the disturbing lye burn scene! This allows the artisans to superfat their soaps, adding extra doses of beneficial oils and butters that will not be cancelled out by the lye content during the soapmaking process. The end result is a soap that will provide intense hydration. JS Sloane soap also contains ginseng root powder for stimulating the skin and senses, and ground oatmeal for exfoliation, which is a fancy word to say that it gently scrubs away dead skin cells.

TL;DR: “Wah, my skin feels so smooth and refreshed after using this soap!”

The bar has a thick and rough-hewn appearance, with oatmeal dotting the surface and the words “JS Sloane Bar Soap” Kit Kat’ed onto one side. Since it just wouldn’t be a JS Sloane product without their signature scent, yes, the soap contains the same intoxicating fragrance that launched a thousand dreamboats. That familiar clean crisp cologne will leave you smelling as handsome as you look, opening up the possibilities of scent layering with the use of other JS Sloane products. We are still holding out for the day that they release it in perfume form!

We do have to point out that smaller hands may not be able to grip the huge bar securely, so please assist your girlfriend to soap up if necessary. Sharing is caring, guys.

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