The Panic Room presents Modern Pirate Soap

The Panic Room presents Modern Pirate Soap

With a name that references a notorious member of their founder’s ancestry, Modern Pirate sets sail from Australia to introduce the finest products created using premium ingredients and packaging locally produced in the world’s most famous former penal colony.

Modern pirate soaps

Trouble Thy Waters soap is designed to make impurities walk the plank. Formulated with activated charcoal derived from coconut husk, the soap contains a very high carbon content which provides a detoxifying cleanse for normal to oily skin.

Like it says on the tin, Lost Soul soap is enhanced with Australian red clay and natural oils to draw dirt and impurities from your skin. Red clay is naturally occurring and known to repair damaged tissues, so your skin won’t look like the aftermath of a treasure hunt.

Seven Seas Bay Rum soap contains Australian bentonite clay, an absorbent product highly regarded for its ability to clarify skin by drawing out oil and grease. It hits you like a splash of ocean spray, leaving you feeling fresh and your timbers shivered.

Unearth hidden treasure here at The Panic Room.

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