The Panic Room presents The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser

The Panic Room presents The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser

The Bluebeards Revenge is one of our favourite brands – we love their quality products and the cheeky humor in presentation and packaging. One thing that they are famous for is an insistence that their products are strictly “Not For Girls”. So why do they have something as unmanly as a moisturiser in their men’s grooming range?

Easy, fellas! This is The Bluebeards Revenge after all – they are on a mission to turn the tide on this unhealthy perception that moisturising is somehow less than masculine, with the battlecry that “Only real men moisturise”.

The Bluebeards Revenge - Cooling Moisturiser

The Cooling Moisturiser is formulated with the macho-est of ingredients: prickly pear, stinging nettle and fenugreek are all in the mix, each highly prized for their ability to revive the skin with intense moisturisation. Jojoba oil is added to the blend – its similarity to our skin’s natural oil has been found to help prevent oily skin and outbreaks. As with their other products, the Cooling Moisturiser does not contain harsh chemicals like parabens, SLS and MIT, basically all the nasty stuff that should not be anywhere near your skin.

The moisturiser is dispensed through a handy pump. You will find it light, quite unlike the thick heavy creams that feel gloopy upon application and clog up your pores. The Cooling Moisturiser is easily absorbed by your skin, leaving a cool sensation and a pleasant tightness. It’s a great energising boost in the morning.

Keep calm cool and moisturise, here at The Panic Room.

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