Tips on how to care for your beard during the hot season

Tips on how to care for your beard during the hot season

Though it is generally held that when summer comes, the beard goes, beards can in fact be quite advantageous – and also keep you cool – in hot weather. Of course, we are well aware of the drawbacks of having extra facial hair during the summer time – beard gets sweaty, stuff gets stuck, questions of why in the world you have a beard when it’s so hot outside (because it’s great, that’s the reason).

But we completely endorse the summer beard. Beards look nice, and summer doesn’t point out to an expiration date. To keep a healthy beard in the summer, you only have to tweak your beard care to fight the heat.

Keep reading for our best beard care tips for a beard in the summer time.

1. Wash your beard frequently

The summer heat is going to automatically make you sweat more, which implies more stickiness and wetness all around your facial area. Wash your beard more regularly than you typically do with a sulfate-free shampoo that will not dry out your skin. This is going to remove any unwanted sticky feeling and also the debris that tends to gather in our facial nets. End with a lightweight conditioner to maintain the skin and hair resilient. Do not forget to utilize the conditioner with the beard line also, where skin tends to be drier.

2. Pay closer attention to moisturizing

Beard hair is coarser than hair on the remainder of your body, thus it’s crucial to keep it hydrated. If you do not do so, then it can feel more irritated in harsh weather. Use a beard oil (which possesses a lighter consistency than beard balm) to soften beard hair, lessen itch, and control frizz.

3. Make use of sunscreen

Hair – both on your head and on your facial region – tends to get neglected even during a sunscreen-heavy season, however doing so is going to worsen delicate hair since the sun’s rays break down hair cuticles, which fades hair color and causes strands to dry out. What is worse is that this harm is twofold in the summer from sun and surf.

Since you cannot hide indoors for the whole summer, we suggest taking the more practical approach by just not forgetting to utilize sunscreen on your beard. However, do not begin gooping on the thick white cream made for your body – instead, opt for sunscreen designed specially for hair, like Sachajuan Hair in the Sun. The sunscreen is going to keep your hair soft, smooth, and touchable regardless of what the elements throw at it – good for you and that special someone.

4. Stay hydrated

Skin cells are 90% water, thus getting sufficient water daily will keep your skin healthy; similarly, keeping yourself hydrated prevents beard hair from breaking from the inside out. Try to drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day.

5. Trim your beard

Beards could actually fight the summer heat. They function as natural sun protection, providing as much as 21 UPF (ultraviolet protection factor), and there is not a greater feeling than getting it wet and walking around – as water evaporates, you get a nice cooling effect.

However, you are only human. If beard itch has got you in a corner, you could control the beard without entirely sacrificing it whole. Trim your beard but leave 1-2 inches behind so that you are still left with a nice stubble.

Remember to keep both your skin and newly grown beard moisturized by frequently using beard oil. When your face is well moisturized it provides a solid foundation for you to grow a nice, good looking and healthy beard that you would be proud to show off to all onlookers. Remember that having healthy skin on your face will lead to a healthy beard so we insist again on you using a good quality beard oil that would keep your face and facial hair well moisturized.

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