Layrite Super Hold Pomade Review

Layrite Super Hold Pomade Review


In this article we shall delve into the Layrite Super Hold Pomade and give our two cents on this product. This particular pomade is one that provides a high hold, medium shine and is water-soluble, so just imagine the results it can give to a person.

This pomade boasts itself as being “scientifically formulated to hold like wax, yet, wash out like a gel.” Particularly, the Layrite Super Hold Pomade was intended to be applied on curly, course, and thick hair. Hereunder is a list of this pomade’s qualities and some advice.

Smell and Look

Take off the lid and you’ll immediately smell a soft, sweet, and sugary scent with a dash of of vanilla and marshmallow. You might be tempted to taste it,that is how good it smells.

You’ll also notice that the product has a lovely orange colour, and a transparency feel to it as well. It’s very close to Jello if you can imagine that, but not quite though.


The texture of the pomade is that of a solidified hair gel so to speak. It’s a tad thick and sticky.


If you want to apply the product to your hair whilst it’s dry, know that it can pull a bit. However, if you were to apply it to your hair whilst it’s damp, you’ll notice how it spreads with ease and allows a good amount of work time prior to it setting in.

You do not necessarily have to follow the suggestions on the jar, which says to apply the pomade to wet hair and then blow dry it to get a “higher hold and lower shine.”  If you desire to add some height, you can blow dry your hair firstly and thereafter use the pomade and style.


You may notice that the claim that this pomade is a medium shine product is quite accurate. The sheen this product provides is neither an oil slick shine, nor is it similar to a matte paste. It’s just nicely in the middle.


Having a name like Layrite Super Hold, it has to live up to that expectation at the very least. It turns out that it does in fact meet the expectation. You can go outside and walk while winds are blowing at so many miles per hour, yet your will stay in tact as you have styled it. There will be no need for restyling for the day.


If you happen to ruin you’re your style due to wearing a hat or what have you, do not stress. All you’ll have to do is run a wet comb through your hair and that will bring your back in style like it was previously.


If you can make sure not to run your fingers through your hair or be outside while its raining, this pomade should last throughout the day with relative ease.

Washing It Out

Being a water-based product, Layrite Super Hold will easily rinse out of your hair with water. It’s as simple as that.


You may not enjoy this product as much when your hair is long (about 5-6 inches in length). You may experience pieces of hair flying away. However, if were to cut your down an inch or two, then you may be able experience this product’s potential. When your hair is longer, you may not find this pomade to be effective.

Different ways to use Layrite Super Hold

1. You may use this pomade as a hair gel in a “set it and forget it” fashion. In order to do this, you should apply a good amount to your hair while it is damp, comb your hair into the style you want and then just leave it alone. This ought to give you a clean and professional appearance that will last for the whole day.

2. You may also use the product as a flexible hold styling pomade. In order to do so, simply apply a small amount to your hair while it’s dry and style it with your fingers. Once the pomade has dried on your hair, you may run your fingers through it a couple of times to make the hold softer and break up the shine. This will give you a flake free, flexible style for that casual look.

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